Mel (newkidfan) wrote in interlinea,

Tips and links on LJ layout design

A friend asked me if I could tell her a little how I went about creating my layouts so I put together a post with some thoughts and links. It's not a tutorial, just a short description of how I go about it. I thought this might interest some of you, so I'm posting a link to the post here as well.

Tips and links on LJ layout design
Tags: resources

  • Resources

    LJ communities » s2smoothsailing - LJ s2 Smooth Sailing help community. » mintyapple - LJ community for css lovers. Smooth Sailing…

  • Style Sheet 04 - Wallpaper.

    Style Sheet: Wallpaper. (2 color schemes!) Layout: Flexible Squares. Style: S2. Sidebar: right. Accounts: free and paid accounts.…

  • Style Sheet 03 - Velvet.

    Style Sheet: Velvet. (5 color schemes!) Layout: Smooth Sailing. Style: S2. Sidebar: left. Accounts: free and paid accounts. There are…

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